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Canada Student Visa Application Guidelines

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Canada Student Visa Application Guidelines for International Students seeking to study in USA.

How to Get Canada Student Visa

For the past few years, Canada has been considered one of the most welcoming countries for international students. This is unsurprising given that Canada is a country where many students can enroll in colleges and universities at a relatively low cost.

Canada is also an easy place to get around with its many public transit systems, which make it easy for internationals to attend cultural events. On top of all these perks, Canada has been taking steps to become more appealing for international applicants by implementing entry requirements on various visas that were previously hard to obtain.

Do you want to study in Canada? If so, then read on to see what steps you need to take to get a student visa in Canada.

The Requirements for Canada Students Visa

The steps are quite simple and do not require a great deal of time. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Valid Passport: The first requirement to get a student visa in Canada is to have a valid passport. Because of this, it is best to get a passport that does not expire within six months of leaving your home country.
  2. Evidence of Required Funds: You will also need enough money in your bank account to cover expenses while you are in Canada. It is expected that you’ll have at least CA$10,000 or the equivalent in your bank account to cater for your annual living expenses in addition to tuition.
  3. Letter of acceptance: The next thing that you must have is a letter of acceptance from a college or university in Canada. This is proof that the school has accepted you as a student and that they know that you’ll be coming to their institution to study.
  4. Letter on Intent: This letter is essentially stating that you will be going to Canada to study and not just on a tourist visa. It should be a short, simple letter that details the length of time you’ll be studying there.
  5. Proof of English Proficiency: You’ll need to show that you have the required language proficiency in order to be able to pursue a college or university education in Canada. The most common tests for this are the TOEFL and IELTS, which you can take either at a center or online. You’ll also need to prove that you are proficient in French or English – whichever is not your native tongue – as many institutions in Canada have courses in one of these languages.
  6. 6. Proof of study permit payment: You need to show that you’ve made the payment for the 150 CAD study permit fee.
  1. Filled Student Application Form: This is the main application form that you’ll be submitting along with everything else.


It will also be good to have the requirements handy in preparation for the biometrics and interview phase at the Visa Application Center in your country. This biometrics fee is usually 85 CAD and it is in addition to the visa application fee of 150 CAD. 

The entire process should not take more than 15 days and most applicants will get their visa within 60 working days depending on the situation of things in your home country but from what we’ve observed it is usually faster.

How to Successfully Apply for Canada Study Permit?

Applying for a study permit is relatively easy, but you need to be aware of some things or details about the process. Here are some of the things that you must have or have in place before you can apply for a Canada student visa.


  1. Before you can even begin the process of getting a study permit, you need to have notice of an acceptance letter from a school in Canada. This is proof that you’re only there to pursue a course at a certified school in Canada and not just on vacation or work. For some, you may also need to pay the 150CAD study permit fee as well.
  2. You must begin the process of applying for a visa from your country either through their embassy or consulate. In case you can’t afford to do it yourself, make sure that you work with a consultant for the process so that all your documents and application information are ready and sorted out.
  3. During the interview, you’ll need to be ready with your proof of income, ability to pay for your studies in Canada, and knowledge of the English language. Do make sure that you answer the questions adequately and do not let yourself get cornered by awkward questions. If you feel that your interview may not have gone too well then you can always get a second opinion or help from experts.
  4. Once you are all done with your interview, it is just a matter of waiting for the decision. Make sure you check the status of your application and if it has been approved then that’s great! Otherwise, you can submit any additional documents that may be required by the immigration office handling your case.
  5. Once your Canada study permit is issued and delivered to you, then you can proceed to prepare for your departure to study in Canada.



Canada is a beautiful, picturesque country with a rich cultural heritage and progressive laws. With more people venturing out to study in Canada, we can be sure that the number of international students will continue to rise in the years to come and we believe the information we have provided will help on how to get a Canadian student visa.

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