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Fully Funded Scholarships in Australia for International Students 2023/2024

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Scholarships in Australia for International Students 2023

Scholarships are a great way to support yourself as you pursue your studies and/or career. They give you the opportunity to build your qualifications without accumulating a large amount of debt or relying on financial assistance. 

Throughout graduate school and post-graduate studies, scholarships can give you the freedom to be able to teach, study or pursue your passions without worrying about where your next meal is coming from.

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at scholarships for International Students in Australia and the Schools that provide these opportunities. We will look at what is involved in applying to one of the hundreds of different schools that offer scholarships to international students. 

Top Scholarships in Australia for International Students

  1. Western Sydney University Postgraduate Scholarships

The Western Sydney University postgraduate research scholarship is not your ordinary scholarship. This scholarship provides you with funding for $6000 annually to support your study for a maximum of two years. You can apply this scholarship to any of the programs offered at Western Sydney University at the postgraduate level but it does not cater for accommodation expenses, transport, or health insurance.

  1. Deakin University Scholarships/ Fellowships

Deakin University offers applicants from around the world a range of scholarships to assist with their studies. The most generous scholarship offered to International Students is the Deakin University International Postgraduate Scholarship which awards $28,600 annually and with health insurance benefits. 

  1. Carnegie Mellon University (Australia) Scholarships 

Carnegie Mellon University (Australia) has a number of scholarships that cater to International Students. The most generous offer is the Carnegie Scholarship which provides AUD$30,000 annually for a 21-month master’s program and AUD$20,000 for the period of a 12-month master’s program.

  1. Macquarie University Graduate Scholarships/ Research Fellowships

Macquarie University offers Graduate Scholarships for applicants from a number of countries including Austria, Canada, Germany, India, Italy, and the United Kingdom. The award covers tuition fees and living expenses for up to 10 months for international students. Applications close on 31st March annually

  1. The University of Queensland International Undergraduate Scholarships

The University of Queensland provides funding to assist with living costs, tuition fees and undertake research projects for their period of study in the institution for International Undergraduate students who demonstrate high academic performance. The total value of these scholarships range from $24,000 – $60,000 and you must demonstrate leadership capabilities or have community service experience.

  1. Charles Darwin University International Scholarships 

Charles Darwin University has several scholarships that are open to eligible international students; some of these are for undergraduate courses, graduate scholarships that are fully funded and partially funded to about 50% tuition waiver. Applicants must demonstrate high academic standards to qualify for the scholarship opportunities.

  1. Griffith University Scholarship

Griffith university gives international students the opportunity to apply for scholarships to fund their studies. This also includes scholarships that are offered to cover tuition fees, housing, and other necessary associated costs. Griffith University offers two categories of scholarships to international students-fully funded and partially funded.

  1. University of Sydney International Postgraduate Scholarship

The University of Sydney has a number of scholarships that are offered to international students. The Scholarship is one of the most competitive as it is only available to students with exceptional performance. International students who are accepted into the program can apply for this scholarship that will cover tuition fees and provide $40,000 in total.

  1. University of South Australia Scholarships

The University of South Australia provides funding to International Students on the condition that they have the ability to complete their study in a minimum period of 12 months. Some of the scholarships provided include for tuition fees and accommodation.

  1. Monash University Scholarships/ Fellowships for International Students

Monash University has a number of different scholarships that cater to people from all around the world including international students. They offer scholarships to cover tuition fees and living costs; some are fully funded, some are partially funded. The scholarship is worth up to $29,000 per year.


There are a number of different scholarships available to International Students within Australia; some are open to the applicants who wish to study on exchange programs or come and work in Australia, whereas others are open only to full-time students.

The above list of the top 10 scholarships in Australia for International Students has been selected based on the number of people who have applied for the scholarship. You can ensure that you are well prepared by doing your research and applying to these programs.

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