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Federal Government Scholarship For Nigerian Students

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Federal Government Scholarship For Nigerian Students

Struggling to afford school fees is the number one challenge many Nigerian students are facing.

There’s no doubt that Nigerian University school fees could be enormously expensive. This is why there are various scholarship opportunities, to help students struggling with school fees, achieve their aim.

Since it’s certain that education is the only way to better Nigeria, the federal government of Nigeria has created several scholarship opportunities, to make Nigeria a better nation.

Would you like to be a partaker of this scholarship opportunity? Learn more about how to apply for this scholarship.

About Scholarship

Research shows that 30 percent of students that get admitted into a university drop out in their first or second year in the institution, due to the inability to afford school fees.

There are several scholarships out there, such as scholarships organized by private organizations, and ones organised by federal and state governments.

Nevertheless, among all these ones, federal government scholarships are always easier to get, due to the large number of candidates, that will be selected for the scholarship

This scholarship is organised by the federal government, to make students concentrate on their study, and wouldn’t have to bother about the cost of school fees.

The annual scholarship, which is always given out to Nigerian Students, has commenced for the year 2023.

With this scholarship opportunity, you will be able to offset your school fees, and other fees needed to make your education a smooth and sweet one.

The below are the eligibility criteria for this scholarship.

Note: This scholarship is meant for those who are seeking a scholarship for their undergraduate degree.

  • To be qualified for this scholarship, you must have at least five distinctions in your SSCE exam, and among the core subjects for distinction are
    • Maths and English
  • Your SSCE exam must not be more than 2 years old.
  • You must be between the age of 18-20

These are the eligibility criteria, for those who are seeking a scholarship for postgraduate degrees.

  • You must have a first-class degree
  • You must have undergone the national youth service corps (NYSC)
  • You must be between the age of 35-40 years.
  • You must have been admitted to one of the Nigerian Universities, for your postgraduate degree.
  • You must have leadership experience
  • You must have been admitted for a full-time course.

What You Should Know Before Applying For This Scholarship.

While applying for this scholarship, bear in mind that only students with an outstanding application will be considered for this scholarship.

Take your time to prepare your application, among the vital things in your document, you should exercise patience to prepare.

  • Essay: It should be noteworthy, that you will be required to write an essay, on why you think you should be considered for the scholarship, endeavor to take your time to write the essay, and also give it to someone to read for you, to be certain, the essay is constructed with good grammar, and sounds good.

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This article is meant for all Nigerians out there, who are struggling with the cost of school fees. If there is anything you will like to ask, kindly ask them in the comment box.

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